This page was created in order to reveal all features and secrets of the robot Autocrypto-Bot. Created specially for crypto trading the robot stands out among other proposals, which are found today on the market. Every day the creators get a lot of questions regarding its capabilities, and this page will provide answers to each of them.

Robot Autocrypto-Bot: definition

The basis of Autocrypto-Bot is special signals that come to the trader after a full analysis of the specific data. Robot's opportunities are divided into:

- automated trading (robot independently trades on the market);

- online signals (the robot gives online signal and a trader makes his own decision to open the position or not).

The essence of the work lies in finding of the best moment to start active trading, which for many reasons is not available for independent analysis without the help of the robot.

Registration and making an account

To create an account you will need to go to the main page of the site. The registration form itself is located in the upper right corner. You can also register on this page.

Pay attention to some features:

- It is necessary to fill in reliable data. Every personal account has a certain reference to the provided information, allowing us to protect your privacy and access to the robot's trading room. In addition, if you forgot your password, you can restore it by contacting the customer support. 

- You should pay attention to the necessity of selection of a broker for synchronisation. All the brokers that are available for your country will be listed. 

- Synchronization with your previous accounts (if you have already had any account at the chosen broker) is impossible. 

- If you have a certain broker and you want to synchronize it with the robot, but you don't see the name of the broker in the list of available platforms, so synchronization is impossible.

Autocrypto-Bot and geos

Traders from all over the world can trade with Autocrypto-Bot. But there are restrictions for several countries.

Minimum Deposit

It should be noted that the signals of the robot Autocrypto-Bot comes completely free of charge. The basic amount required for a deposit to start active trading depends exclusively on the selected broker. It can vary, depending on the choice, but the minimum is 250$.

How to Deposit

First, a trader passes registration. After that, in the room of the robot you will see the button “deposit”. Press on it and you will be directed to the platform of the synchronized broker. You will be able to deposit and to pass verification.

How to withdraw profit

The process is almost the same as depositing. In the room of the robot click on "withdrawal", then the system will transfer your request to the broker.

Settings of Autocrypto-Bot and secrets combinations

In the base of the robot there are several key parameters that allow to create the perfect setting based on the requirements of each trader. The main concern:

- selection of the trading system;
- selection of the time of expiry;
- selection of indicators;
- tools for profit;
- limits of bets;
- selection of forex pairs.


In order to pass verification, you must provide certain documents requested by the broker. The list is specified with the broker.

The possibility of simultaneous work with different brokers

It is worth to mention that the Autocrypto-Bot gives you the opportunity to work with several brokers at once. If necessary, to start working with another broker, you can open the tab "brokers", where you will find the list of all available brokers. The work starts after the synchronization process, verification and Deposit.

Evidence of effectiveness

If you wish to see the results of other traders who use the robot , just visit the "statistics" section on the website.

Is it possible to work with Autocrypto-Bot for traders from the USA?


How can I see the history of transactions made by Autocrypto-Bot?

For this you will need to open the broker's page, which was synchronized with the robot. All information will be located in the history of the transactions.

Is Autocrypto-Bot legal?

The program is completely legal. In addition, work is possible only after synchronization with the brokers marked with the quality mark by CySEC.

What is the cost of

It all depends on the synchronized broker. The robot provides signals for free. Autotrading will be available after opening a real account.

Recommended browser

The system is fully adapted to work with a variety of browsers of all operating systems.

Is it possible to work with Autocrypto-Bot through a mobile gadget?

Yes, for the convenience of traders a mobile version of the program was created.

What amount is optimal to start effective work with the robot?

It all depends on your money management and characteristics of a preferred work. The average is from  $500 to $1000.